Alpena Trip Meeting


It’s time to talk the annual STEM Overnight Trip!!!!!!  This year we will be traveling to Alpena May 28th and 29th.  Don’t know what is fun and exciting in Alpena???  Come join Ms. Fryzel and Ms. Bissonette Wednesday, September 25th at 6:00 PM in the Heights Campus Auditorium/Lecture Hall to find out ALL the information.  The trip is open to all STEM 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students! 

Smoke on the Grill Sale


Smoke on the Grill tickets are available for sale.  The event is Thursday, September 26th from 4-7 PM at Ford Field.  All proceeds go to Goodfellows and come back to the PTA!  See Ms. Beth in the office for tickets.  ($10 for kids, $30 for adults).

Smoke on the Grill is a fundraiser for the Dearborn Education Foundation and will include dinner. There will also be raffles too!

PTA Pizza Sale


Our FIRST after school pizza sale will be Thursday, September 19th.  $1.00 a slice.  Come get a snack before getting in the car or coming to Learning Center.  C’mon… you know you’ll be hungry!  (Sponsored by the PTA).

Got Cardstock?


If you have or are willing to donate colored or white cardstock (packs of 100+sheets) please contact Ms. Roberts. She is using them for a project:)

Math Circles Club Begins Next Wednesday


For more information, check out their website.

Please be aware that U of M has NOT updated their site with the new times (2:15-3:15) and parent consent form.

PTA Meeting Tonight


It will be held at 6:00pm in the STEM cafeteria.


The PTA has started a new website. Please subscribe to receive email updates.

Our new site is at

Way to Go STEM!


Enjoy reading the article about 76 Michigan schools with 75% or more students ‘proficient’ on M-STEP reading test.

Late Work Policy:


The late work policy at STEM is that any missed work from the week is due by the following MONDAY with no points penalty.  That means if an assignment was due on Wednesday and you forgot it or didn’t finish it, you have until Monday to turn it in.  After that, it will not be accepted.  This also includes journals and bellwork from the week.
While we have this policy in place to be considerate of students schedules and those “oops” moments, the policy is not to be over abused or looked at as an assignment extension deadline.  In order to fully participate in class, students need to be prepared with work due that day.  Students found to be misusing the policy may have the policy revoked and an individual policy put in place

Specific Questions? Ask a teacher!

Morning Drop Off Reminders:


We want to ensure that during morning drop off that all students are safe and that we keep cars moving as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Please remember the following:

-Please pull ALL the way down to Ms. Fryzel and Mr. Baydoun.  If the line is backed up, please WAIT to pull down.  It is very dangerous to let students off at the start of the driveway.

– If your student needs extra time to get out of the car and collect all of his/her belongings, we suggest that you park, so as to not hold up the drop off line.

– When pulling out of the line, PLEASE be sure to look to your left!  We have some near collisions – especially with the buses coming in!

– Lastly, please remember that it is a parking lot with students being dropped off and crossing.  Take it slow and avoid cutting through the parking spot areas to get in front of other cars doing the full turn around back to the driveway.

We really appreciate your help in this matter as we work together to provide the safest morning procedure that we can!

Fall NWEA Testing


NWEA Tests will be given September 10,11,17, and 18 in the mornings.

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