NO Open House


There is NO OPEN HOUSE for STEM.

Our PTA decided to have a picnic in August before school began.

Student Planners


Student planners are coming soon! They are in the mail and will be distributed to students as soon as possible.

I will make an announcement when they arrive.

-Ms. B

Overnight Trip Information


Those students and parents interested in attending the Upper Peninsula trip June 1-3, 2018 need to carefully read the attached material and return to Ms. Fryzel NO LATER than October 10th:

1.  A check for $200.00 made out to CORPORATE TRAVEL (NOT Dearborn Schools)

2.  The reservation form below (be sure to sign the form)

The trip is first come, first served.  Those returning the above items will fill the available seats first, once seats are filled, students and/or parents will be placed on a wait list.  We will be taking 35 students and 4 parents.

Upper Peninsula Itinerary- Dearborn STEM UP-1

UP Trip Packet 2018.B

Reservation Form – Dearborn STEM

Learning Center at STEM

  1. Learning Center begins next week on Tuesday, Sept. 19 and runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00-4:00. Learning center is an after-school work session that is available for students who need to complete missing work, take retakes, or need to use technology at school. It will be run by all teachers and held in different rooms each time. Students will be assigned into specific rooms that will help them complete their work. 


  1. Learning Center will be assigned by teachers as needed.  Parents will be notified via phone call or email if their student has been assigned to LC since parent permission is needed to stay after school.  If a certain day is inconvenient for your family, we can schedule them for a different day. If a student would like to stay for learning center they need parent permission ahead of time. We will not allow students to call home at 2:55 to tell you they want to stay that day.


  • The teachers will have a spreadsheet of who is assigned to their LC and will be taking attendance at 3:00 pm. Do not go outside after school if you have Learning Center.

Questions? Email teachers as needed once your student has been assigned.

Learning Center is not needed for those students who are keeping up on their work!

NEW Drop off and Pick Up Procedures


Mr. Beydoun, our assistant principal,  has set up a new drop-off and pick-up system.

The Dearborn Heights Campus entrance should be treated as a one-way street so students are not crossing in front of traffic. Please exit to Ann Arbor Trail by circling around to the second aisle and exiting with the rest of traffic, or exit out onto Warren.

All 6th grade parents should pull up to the first green door outside Mr. Segerstrom’s room for drop-off & pick-up.

All 7th grade parents should pull up to the second green door outside Ms. Gleason’s room for drop-off & pick-up.

All 8th grade parents should pull up to the third green door outside Ms. Bissonette’s room for drop-off & pick-up.

Please do not expect students to walk through traffic to come find your car, please pull up and get them when you see them waiting outside.  Safety First!

Please do NOT stop the car directly in front of the school any more. If you are dropping off students of different grade levels, pull to any of the green doors.


*Remember, students may enter the building at 7:40 ONLY to get breakfast in the large cafeteria. The rest of the students are allowed in at 7:50 and class begins at 8:00.

We apologize for any inconvenience our system may cause, but the SAFETY of our students comes FIRST!

Back to School Community Festival


The following is from the Dearborn Police:

Student Council Updates


Ms. Laramee would like to announce our first fundraiser of the year, Pennies for Patients, coming the week of Sept. 18-22. More info coming soon.

If you are interested in running for an officer position, there will be a meeting after school on Wednesday, October 11th from 3:00-3:45 pm for election slogan and picture taking to use for election week. 

Election Week will occur in Advisory class from October 16-20. Every vote counts!


The first student council meeting will occur on Wednesday, October 25, 2016 from 7:15-7:55 am.

All students are welcome to come discuss future Student Council activities.


For more information and applications, please join Ms. Laramee’s Student Council Google Classroom using the code 88i9yfm. Any student may join this Google Classroom to receive information year-round.

Picture Day is Monday, Spet. 11


On Monday, ALL students will have their picture taken to create student IDs.

If you would like to purchase pictures, you must have EXACT CHANGE in your envelope.

Otherwise, just order them online at:

Your Picture Day ID is ” LM747147Y0 ” to order them online.


Questions? Call Lifetouch at 800.736.4753

Math Circles are Coming to STEM


U of M Dearborn will continue to hold Math Circles here at STEM beginning in October and sessions will take place on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30 with Ms. Bissonette & professors from U of M.

Please use the link to sign up online. Students in 6-8th grades who are serious about math may attend. You must print and return the parent consent form by the first session, which will be Oct. 3.

Students will remain in Ms. Bissonette’s room from 2:55-3:30 and can work on homework until Math Circles begin at 3:30.  Students will need to be picked up from STEM by 4:40pm.

More information will follow!

Ms. Bissonette

Before and After School Care


Kids Club is offered to STEM students through Howe Elementary

Kids Club – School age Childcare

Kids Club activities and experiences engage students ages 5-12 in creativity, problem solving, socializing and team building, exercise, skill building and much more. Trained child care providers lead students in:

  • games and activities
  • projects
  • music and movement
  • community involvement activities such as Holidays Around the World and the end of the year picnic, recycling
  • an opportunity to begin homework or other extended learning opportunities

Visit the program page for more information

Kids Club Parent Handbook

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