Extra Curricular Activities

Pay to Participate has been eliminated for 2017-18. There is no charge for athletics or any other activity.

Here is the Stem policy on attending clubs: AfterSchoolClubsandActivitiesGuidelines


Current Extra Curricular activities include: 

  • Stop-Motion Animation Club (Fryzel)
  • Student Council (Laramee)
  • Math Circles-UofMDearborn (Bissonette) 
  • STEM Press (Tawile)
  • First Robotics Team (Gleason)
  • Chess Club (Miller)
  • Yearbook (Fryzel)
  • Intramural Sports (Theisen)
  • Instrumental Music/Jazz Band (Hartrick)
  • Overnight Trip Up North (Fryzel)
  • Future City (Gleason)
  • Academic Games (Segerstrom)


  • Rania Ghamloush (10 months)

    What are the days and the hours for the “Math circles”? My son is intrested, but I would like to know before signing the consent.
    Thank you.

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