IXL Assignment 8/21/17


Here is the last IXL assignment for the summer, ENJOY!


8M 7.X.2 Transformations 8.T.11 Spheres
8ELA 8.K.2 using-synonyms-in-context 8.K.3-using-antonyms-in-context
7M 7.F.5 Least Common Denominators 7.R.3 Evaluate Expressions
7ELA 7.M.3 Correct-errors-with-signs 7.M.4 Correct-errors-in-everyday-use
6M 5.EE.13 Volume 5.BB.9 Quadrilaterals
6ELA 6.I.5 commas-review 6.A.8Is-it-a-complete-sentence-a-fragment-or-a-run-on

STEM Band Camp

Announcing Band Camp for NEW students!
Any student who is NEW to band this year needs to sign up for Band Camp on Monday, August 28th. Camp will take place in room 170D (music room) from 10am – 2pm. Lunch will be provided (pizza). Bring a bag lunch if you don’t want pizza. Students will try-out and be assigned an instrument for the upcoming school year. Please fill out this survey to RSVP:
Orchestra students and those returning to band do not need to sign up. If you are a returning student who wants to change instruments email Mrs. Hartrick for permission and plan to attend the camp if approved.
Any questions email Mrs. Hartrick: hartrin@dearbornschools.org
Thank you!

IXL Assignment 8/14/17



8M 7.X.6 Reflections 7.X.4 Translations
8ELA 8.D.11 Identify-active-and-passive-voice 8.D.12 Rewrite-the-sentence-in-active-voice
7M 7.W.2 Angles 7.F.4 Fractions Applications
7ELA 7.J.6.Which-sentence-matches-the-definition 7.J.7.Which-definition-matches-the-sentence
6M 5.Q.1 Ratios 5.EE.12 Volume of Irregular Objects
6ELA 6.N.1 Find-words-using-context 6.N.4Use-context-to-identify-the-meaning

IXL Assignment 8/7/17



8M 7.W.13 Angle Measures 7.K.1 Tables
8ELA 8.X.1 Use-parallel-structure 8.LL.2 Frequently-confused-words
7M 6.L.2 Reciprocals 6.X.4 Coordinate Plane
7ELA 7.KK.1 Analogies 7.KK.2 Analogies-challenge
6M 5.W.12 Line Plots 5.EE.10 Area & Perimeter
6ELA 6.AAA.1using-synonyms-in-context 6.AAA.2 using-antonyms-in-context

IXL Assignment 7/31/17



8M 8.X.7 Inequalities 8.Z.2 Solutions (x,y)
8ELA 8.Z.1 Remove-redundant-words-or-phrases 8.LL.1 Correct-frequently-confused-word
7M 7.M.5 Prices 7.M.3 Unit Price
7ELA 7.C.1.Use-semicolons-and-commas-to-separate-clauses 7.C.2Use-semicolons-colons-and-commas-with-lists
6M 5.K.5 Reduce Fractions 5.N.2 Divide Fractions
6ELA 6.VV.1Use-the-correct-frequently-confused-word 6.VV.2Correct-errors-with-frequently-confused-words

IXL Assignment 7/24/17


Stop between 80-100 points.

8M 8.O.6 Angles in Triangles 8.Z.8 Complete a Table & Graph
8ELA 8.A.5 Commas-review 8.C.2Use-semicolons-colons-and-commas-with-lists
7M 6.M.6 Order Integers 7.E.11 Operations with Decimals
7ELA 7.A.5 Commas-review 7.K.1 Formatting-quotations-and-dialogue
6M 5.K.4 Equivalent Fractions 5.W.2 Reading Line Graphs
6ELA 6.A.3 Commas-review 6.A.4 Commas-with-coordinate-adjectives

Crash Detroit Festival of Street Bands


Ms. Hartrick, our instrumental music teacher,  helps organize a free music festival in Detroit over the summer called Crash Detroit – Festival of Street Bands. They have brass bands traveling from all over the country to perform a free concert during the day in Lincoln Street Art Park on July 22nd. There is food, DIY instrument creation tables for the kiddos and great unamplified brass band music all day long. More info can be found at crashdetroit.org.

We hope to see you there!

Welcome Back Picnic Date Change


The Welcome Picnic for STEM has been moved up a day to Wednesday, Aug. 30.  It’s still from 6 to 8 p.m.

We also are still in need of volunteers to help with the free activities and food sales that night.  Responsible STEM graduates are allowed to help run activities, if they would like.

Please see our SignUp Genius if you are able to help get the year off to an awesome start!  We had to lobby the district to keep our welcome picnic, so please help us show why we love this event.  Thanks!


IXL Assignment 7/14/17



8M 8.V.16 Factors 8.V.17 Equivalent Expressions
8ELA 8.C.1 Use semicolons and commas 8.K.1 Formatting-quotations-and-dialogue
7M 7.G.1 Add & Subtract Fractions 7.R.4 Multivariable Expressions

7.A.2 Commas compound&complex sentences




6M 5.W.9 Histograms 5.W.1 Reading Tables
6ELA 6.A.1 Commas:series,dates,places 6.A.2 Commas-with-compound-and-complex-sentences


IXL Assignment 7/10/17



8M 8.F.16 Estimate Square Roots 8.I.7 Graphing Proportional Relationships
8ELA 8.A.2 Commas-with-compound-and-complex-sentences 8.A.3 Commas-with-direct-addresses-introductory-words-interjections-and-interrupters


7M 6.HH.3 Find the Mean, Median, Mode 6.FF.10 Compare Area & Perimeter
7ELA 7.N.2 Identify-the-simple-subject-or-simple-predicate-of-a-sentence 7.N.3 Identify-the-compound-subject-or-compound-predicate-of-a-sentence


6M 5.U.2 Coordinate Plane 5.G.7 Round Decimals
6ELA 6.K.2 Identify-the-simple-subject-or-simple-predicate-of-a-sentence 6.K.3 Identify-the-compound-subject-or-compound-predicate-of-a-sentence

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