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Wednesday is Pick-Up Day!


Thanks for meeting us all in Zoom today!  It seems like we were all able to connect at some point.  If your Zoom didn’t work today, make sure you are using your dearborn schools account. So, here are your assignments for tomorrow (Wednesday):
1.  Pick up day!  Please come and pick up your necessary materials between 8AM and 11AM.  Teachers will be on the sidewalk.  

Please PARK in a spot and send just your student to the pick up tables with a mask on.  Students will pick up the following:         

– Two (2) math workbooks (6, 7, and 8)         

– Two (2) paper handouts of the schedule (6, 7, 8)         

– STEM Apps packet (6,7,8)         

– Instruments (6, 7, 8)         

– STEM t-shirt (6 only)         

– Leftover locker stuff from the Spring (7 and 8)         

– Yearbooks that were ordered and not picked up (7 and 8)     

****  Chromebooks will be available for pick up

2.  There is an asynchronous assignment for each grade level:         

6th Grade – please go to your ELA folder and start on the Book Review assignment for summer reading.         

7th and 8th Grades – Check in MiStar to see what summer IXLs you are missing.  Complete the missing ones and email your teacher. 

ALL  SUMMER IXLs ARE DUE MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14.*****  If you have no missing IXLs then you only need to attend the pick up day.

Today’s Slideshow


If you missed today’s Zoom call or have questions, here is today’s information.

See you tomorrow between 8-11am.

Summer IXLs


7th & 8th graders…If you are still working on completing the summer IXL, which are currently being graded by teachers, you have until Monday, Sept. 14!

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