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Schoology Update


Parents will be receiving an email today with information to access Schoology.

The technology dept. has created a post on the Home Learning Hub with information for Parents (this is included in each of the student level sections- Preschool, Elementary Pre-K-5, Middle School 6-8, High School 9-12, and Special Education).  The post also includes an overview video. 

Be sure to check your email!

Parent Letter

NWEA Testing


The NWEA Test will be given on two dates: Sept. 30th and Oct. 6th.

Please make sure you are creating a desk and study area that will help you do your best and be free of siblings and distractions.

Friday is a Half Day


Don’t forget that this Friday, September 18th is a half day. 

It is an A Day and so we will have hours 4, 5, and 6 asynchronously for all three classes (this includes electives).

Emergency Form Update


The District has added a feature to Parent Connect that allows all parents to directly review student information, make changes, or update the most current emergency contact information.

Please take a few minutes to log into Parent Connect using your PIN/password. If you do not have a PIN/password enter the email address that you have provided to the school so that the system can email you the PIN/password. If your email has changed, please contact the STEM office at 313-827-1904.

Once you have logged into Parent Connect using your unique PIN and password, just click on the “Back to School Emergency Form Update“. This is very important, especially if you have any changes to phone numbers or emails as we work remotely. This option will only be available until Monday, October 5th. Please call the STEM office if you have any questions.

The A & B Day Calendar


Has been updated and has its own page up top.



We know that there was a little bit of confusion today with A day electives meeting on a B day.  Just a reminder that when you look at the Elective Calendar, that information applies only to electives that day.  All of your other core classes follow the normal A/B day schedule.
Thanks for a week filled with overwhelming support and patience.  

Elective Schedule


  See the attached elective schedule for the entire month of September.

Wednesday, Sept. 9


Ms. Bissonette will not be holding Zoom meetings tomorrow, Wednesday, Sep. 9. All of her classes will have an asynchronous assignment to upload to Schoology.

All other teachers/classes will remain as scheduled.

Email if you have questions!

Tuesday is an A Day


Tuesday’s schedule will follow the normal schedule that we posted and handed out on Wednesday

Students will begin the day with their asynchronous classes – except for electives (4, 5, 6):
* Tuesday is an A Day.  Students will see their A Day elective (the first one listed on their schedules).  BUT due to elective teachers needing a special schedule, electives that day will be SYNCHRONOUS in the morning.  See the attached elective schedule for the entire month of September.

8:15  4th hour  8th grade electives are LIVE.  6th and 7th grade cores are asynchronous. 

9:15  5th hour   6th grade electives are LIVE.  7th and 8th grade cores are asynchronous.

10:15 6th hour  7th grade electives are LIVE.  6th and 8th grade cores are asynchronous.

11:10 LUNCH

11:55 Advisory

After Advisory, students will then have their LIVE synchronous classes:

12:15  1st hour

1:15    2nd hour

2:15    3rd hour
See everyone Tuesday!

PE Waiver


The PE waiver form that was distributed during materials pick up has been sent to your student electronically via school email.  Please review the form, answer the questions and submit it to Schoology as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter.
Mr. Tapp

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