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Way to Go STEM!


Enjoy reading the article about 76 Michigan schools with 75% or more students ‘proficient’ on M-STEP reading test.

Late Work Policy:


The late work policy at STEM is that any missed work from the week is due by the following MONDAY with no points penalty.  That means if an assignment was due on Wednesday and you forgot it or didn’t finish it, you have until Monday to turn it in.  After that, it will not be accepted.  This also includes journals and bellwork from the week.
While we have this policy in place to be considerate of students schedules and those “oops” moments, the policy is not to be over abused or looked at as an assignment extension deadline.  In order to fully participate in class, students need to be prepared with work due that day.  Students found to be misusing the policy may have the policy revoked and an individual policy put in place

Specific Questions? Ask a teacher!

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