We want to ensure that during morning drop off that all students are safe and that we keep cars moving as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Please remember the following:

-Please pull ALL the way down to Ms. Fryzel and Mr. Baydoun.  If the line is backed up, please WAIT to pull down.  It is very dangerous to let students off at the start of the driveway.

– If your student needs extra time to get out of the car and collect all of his/her belongings, we suggest that you park, so as to not hold up the drop off line.

– When pulling out of the line, PLEASE be sure to look to your left!  We have some near collisions – especially with the buses coming in!

– Lastly, please remember that it is a parking lot with students being dropped off and crossing.  Take it slow and avoid cutting through the parking spot areas to get in front of other cars doing the full turn around back to the driveway.

We really appreciate your help in this matter as we work together to provide the safest morning procedure that we can!