STEM Middle School

Month: August 2018

Picture Day is Coming!

  School pictures will be taken on Monday, September 10 during school. Visit to order online and use the code:  LM748103Y0 Flyer-2018-09-10

Traffic At Pick-Up

The STEM staff would like to thank everyone for making day one a success. When dropping your child off or picking them up, please remember to pull as far forward as you can and do not stop in front of the doors. We need to do everything possible to avoid backing up...

A Square Lists

Here are the A Square lists for each grade! Please meet the teachers on the front lawn in the morning. All students are to remain outside until the teachers come to get their classes. Remember to pull all the way up to the green doors to drop off students so we are...

Reminder: Student Email

Reminder: Student email will not be accessible during the week of August 20-26. Passphrases are being reset and new passphrases will be given out with schedules on the first day of school. 7th and 8th graders...This will not affect your ability to access IXL!

Welcome Back Letter

Here is the welcome back letter that was mailed home this week:   Dearborn Public Schools Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Middle School August 13, 2018 Dear Parent/Guardian: On behalf of the STEM staff, we welcome you and your child to a new...

Student Schedules

STEM students will receive their 2018-19 schedules on the first day of school. See you soon!

Student Email

Heads up... student email will not be accessible starting August 20 until school begins.  Passphrases are being reset and you will receive a new one when school begins.

Summer Learning August 13, 2018

Last set of IXL for the summer! Score 90-100 AUG 13 7M 8.F.14 SQUARE ROOTS No Calculator 6.BB.2 Variables 7ELA 7.Q.2 Cause and Effect 7.Q.3 Problem/Solution 8M 8.F.19 CUBE ROOTS  No Calculator 8.F.16 SQUARE ROOTS  No Calculator 8ELA 8.S.3 Analyze Short Stories 8.S.5...

Summer Learning August 6, 2018

August 13th will be the last week of IXL! This week's IXL:   AUG 6 7M 7.R.14 SIMPLIFY EXPRESSIONS 7.R.16 EQUIVALENT EXPRESSIONS 7ELA 7.E.1 Identify Adjectives 7.E.3 Identify Adverbs 8M 7.K.4 CONSTANT OF PROPORTIONALITY 7.V.5 SLOPE & 7.V.2 SLOPE 8ELA 8.H.1...

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