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Bake Sale Monday


The STEM Music Department will be having a bake sale during the Science Expo on Monday, March 12th. Any and all donations are appreciated! Be sure to stop by and grab a snack while you check out all the science presentations.

Monday is M&M Day


Twin Day Monday

Dress to match a twin!

Pi Day Pie Throwing Contest


Pi Day Celebration  3/14/18                              Pi Day Pie Throwing Contest STEM Fundraiser


Location: Courtyard outside Fryzel/Laramee/Tawile/Miller’s rooms

Time: 2:30-2:55 pm


  1. The following teachers are willing to let three pies be thrown at their face from a 5 ft distance line:             Ms. Fryzel, Mr. Markeiki, Mr. Segerstrom, Mr. Tawile, Mr. Baydoun, and Ms. Gleason


  1. Students may purchase raffle tickets for $1 each during A2 on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Additional tickets may be earned as a reward for kind behavior and/or academic effort.


  1. You may place your ticket in any bucket(s) for a chance to pie the teacher(s) of your choice.


  1. 3 tickets will be drawn from each teacher’s bucket at 2:35pm on Wednesday.


  1. Teachers will bring their class outside at 2:30 pm. Pick-up/dismissal is still at 2:55 pm.  


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