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Color Run Permission Slips due Tomorrow


Color Run Permission Slip2017

Pizza Sale Tomorrow


The marching band will be selling snacks after school Thursday, May 25 in the lobby.

Color Run Permission Slips


Color Run Permission Slip 2017

Permission slips will be passed out Thursday, May 25 in A2.

The Color Run will take place after school next Friday, June 2.


Pennie for Patients Results


Donations per Advisory are as follows:

Laramee  $116.37

Fryzel  $110.21

Tawile $82.33
Gleason $71.83
Miller $53.50
Bissonette $19.16
Menna $12.00
Total for STEM $465.40

Ms. Fryzel and Ms. Laramee will have bagels and juice for the top two classes tomorrow for A2.


IXL Summer Homework


This letter applies to incoming 6th graders, as well as our current 6th and 7th graders.

Dear STEM Student,

We are pleased to tell you that we will be using for STEM Summer learning.  IXL is a comprehensive, adaptive learning program offering unlimited math and language arts practice problems in thousands of skills—all of which are aligned to the Common Core. You can access it from anywhere you have internet, and there is an app for Apple products.

***You are NOT responsible for completing the traditional summer learning for the rest of the district (Moby Max or otherwise) unless you do not go to STEM next year.

Weekly IXL skills (2 math and 2 language arts) will be posted on the STEM blog each Monday beginning on June 26th, and archived on the “Summer IXL” blog page.                                      

You will receive points for completing summer work and it will be included in the first marking period grade.


IXL Information: Be sure to sign in before each visit to IXL. Otherwise, your score will not be recorded. Enter your username and password in the upper right corner and log in.



  • IXL is designed to use at your own pace.  Take your time!
  • When you reach your frustration level, STOP using IXL.
  • IXL will save your score and you can continue where you left off at any time.
  • IXLs should not be completed in one session. Stop every so often and extend your learning over a short period of time, not just in one sitting.
  • You will earn some points when you answer correctly. You will lose many points when you answer questions incorrectly.
  • You must READ the feedback it gives you to correct the mistake. If you do not know how to do an IXL, take a guess and then read the feedback.
  • The program is adaptive and will adjust based on your understanding of the material.  


We look forward to a year of working together to make learning fun!


STEM teachers & Ms. Machonochie

Electives Schedule Change

Elective Classes will use the following schedule during the Health Unit:
Tuesday May 23rd: Males – Health Class, Females – Electives
Wednesday May 24th: Females – Health Class, Males – Electives
Thursday May 25th: Males – Health Class, Females – Electives
Tuesday May 30th: Females – Health Class, Males – Electives
Wednesday May 31st: Males – Health Class, Females – Electives
Thursday June 1st: Females – Health Class, Males – Electives
Friday June 2nd: Males – Health Class, Females – Electives
If you are attending music please don’t forget to bring your instruments and music to the gym!

Science Fair Boards


If any  students are interested in buying a science board we have some in the office.  They cost $5.00. Please see Ms. Beth.

Pizza Sale Tomorrow at 2:55 pm

Remember to bring a few bucks tomorrow for the pizza and snack sale after school.
Proceeds benefit the marching band.

STEAM Expo coming soon!


For information on our Science Fair/STEAM Expo, open the pdf:


8th Grade Farewell Speech Submission Requirements:


On June 15th, we will be having a promotion ceremony for the 8th grade in order to recognize you for all of your hard work and accomplishments.  During this ceremony, two (2) 8th grade students will give speeches that capture the experiences you have had here at STEM for the past three years and also looks ahead to your future.  If you would like to be considered as one of the 8th grade speech presenters please read the following criteria:

Ø  The speech can be no longer than 3 minutes.

Ø  It should reflect on your middle school years and the time you spent at STEM.

Ø  The topic/theme should be something that all the 8th graders can relate to and not just be relatable to you as an individual.

Ø  You should talk about the future and give some advice or encouragement.

Ø  Be sure to thank parents and teachers.

Ø  A TYPED version must be shared with Ms. Fryzel through Google Docs no later than 9:00 AM Wednesday, May 31st.

Speeches will go through two selection rounds:

– Round one, the teachers will read and select their top 4

– Round two, those 4 students will need to present the speech to Ms. Maconochie

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