On June 15th, we will be having a promotion ceremony for the 8th grade in order to recognize you for all of your hard work and accomplishments.  During this ceremony, two (2) 8th grade students will give speeches that capture the experiences you have had here at STEM for the past three years and also looks ahead to your future.  If you would like to be considered as one of the 8th grade speech presenters please read the following criteria:

Ø  The speech can be no longer than 3 minutes.

Ø  It should reflect on your middle school years and the time you spent at STEM.

Ø  The topic/theme should be something that all the 8th graders can relate to and not just be relatable to you as an individual.

Ø  You should talk about the future and give some advice or encouragement.

Ø  Be sure to thank parents and teachers.

Ø  A TYPED version must be shared with Ms. Fryzel through Google Docs no later than 9:00 AM Wednesday, May 31st.

Speeches will go through two selection rounds:

– Round one, the teachers will read and select their top 4

– Round two, those 4 students will need to present the speech to Ms. Maconochie