STEM Middle School

Cell Phone Policy 2023-2024

  • NO phones in class.
  • Phones must remain IN your locker.
  • If you bring your phone to class, teachers will keep it safe for you on their desks.
  • Your airpods should not be in your ears unless they are a part of the lesson in class.  Please keep them in your pocket or pencil pouch.
  • Parents, please do not call your student during class times.  Call the office (827-1904) if you need to give them a message.
  • OR you can call them during lunch time.  Phones are allowed during lunch.
    • 6th grade lunch = 10:12 – 10:37
    • 7th grade lunch = 11:14 – 11:39
    • 8th grade lunch = 12:16 – 12:41

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