STEM Middle School

Welcome to STEM’s STEAMy Summer Camp!  

We are excited to be able to offer a hands-on summer learning experience again this year.  Last summer was an absolute blast of learning experiences that cannot always be offered during the regular school year.  We wanted to share some important information with everyone so that you will know what to expect.

  • The first day of summer camp is Monday, June 27th and the last day is Thursday, July 28th.  There is NO school Monday, July 4th.  
  • Camp runs from 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM.  Please do not drop students off before 7:40 AM (students may enter the building at that time for breakfast) and students need to be picked up no later than 1:45 PM.
  • There is no transportation provided for STEM.  Students should be dropped off and picked up at Door #1; just like during the regular school day.
  • Students will be provided all the supplies that they need during camp by the teachers.  There is no need to bring anything with you except for a lunch – if you do not want lunch from the cafeteria.
  • Students will NOT be assigned lockers during summer camp, so if they do have things that they are bringing with them, we suggest a small sling bag.  Regular backpacks are not needed.
  • 6th graders (current 5th graders) will have lunch from 10:30 – 11:00 each day and 7th/8th graders will have lunch from 11:20 – 11:50.
  • Each day students will have the following “classes”:  ELA, social studies, STEM Apps/math, science, PE, and Art/Leadership.
  • Don’t worry!  There is NO homework, NO worksheets, NO IXL, and NO tests!
  • On day 1, students will get their schedules from the following teachers (we will be outside at Door #1):
    • Current 5th graders will find Mr. Tapp, Mr. Markiecki, and Mr. VandenBosch
    • Current 6th graders will find Ms. Roberts and Mr. Segerstrom
    • Current 7th graders will find Ms. Fryzel and Mr. Tawile
  • We understand that students may need to be absent for all kinds of reasons, we just ask that you call your student in to excuse their absence.  For summer camp, you will need to call Ms. Pam at (313) 827-4802.  That will be the number for the summer office if you need to contact us at any time. The STEM office will be closed this summer. Our summer office will be the MBCC office at Door #1.

We hope this helps with the many of the questions that you may have.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to email Ms. Fryzel at 

We can’t wait to see you!

Ms. Fryzel, Ms. Roberts, Mr. Segerstrom, Mr. Tawile,

Mr. VandenBosch, Mr. Tapp, and Mr. Markiecki

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