STEM Middle School

Yearbook Cover Design Opportunity

Would you like to have your artistic creation on the front of our yearbook this year? 

Here are the guidelines:

  • The design theme this year is DON’T MASK YOUR PERSONALITY this phrase must appear in your design along with ideas, pictures, and/or drawings that are relevant to our theme.
  • STEM Middle School and the date 2021-2022 must also appear on the cover design.
  • Your design must be created on an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper. 
  • If you are creating a digital cover, it must be your ORIGINAL design (no clipart, downloaded pictures).
  • The design can be in color or in black and white or reflective coloring 
  • Your first and last name needs to be on the BACK of the design LIGHTLY written in pencil
  • The design must be turned in to Ms. Fryzel by Wednesday, January 6th.
  • Please remember the following when creating your design:
    • The design must be in perfect, clean, final form.
    • No rubbings, smears, or eraser marks can be seen on the drawing. 
    • Marker or colored pencil and colored all in one direction.  
    • Design should be organized and well-spaced.  
    • Be sure to balance white space. 
    • Do not overcrowd the space 
    • Avoid excessive words
  • Designs NOT chosen may still appear inside the yearbook or as the back cover.

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