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Pick-Up Logistics

Dear Students and STEM families,

 In order for students, parents, staff, and visitors to be safe during pick up and drop off we are asking all parents to help us by maintaining only one line of cars. Having two lines of cars during pick up and drop off is causing some major safety concerns for our students. We cannot do this without your absolute commitment to make this new procedure part of daily routine during pick up and drop offs. At no time should any vehicle remain on Ann Arbor Trail in a single file line. Starting tomorrow, October 12, 2021, please move to a parking spot to pick up or drop off your child if the first line is occupied. We will no longer allow any vehicle to drop off or pick up in the traffic lane (presently the second lane).

Have a great rest of the year and we look forward to a safer process for all our STEM Families. 

Oussama Baydoun – Assistant Principal

313-827-1904 Phone

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