STEM Parents,

The district offers students the opportunity to test out of high school courses by completing an exam which is given at the end of the school year. While students may test out of any course, I recommend that if your child can read, write and speak a language other than English, that they attempt the test-out for World Language.

8th grade students who did not pass the Algebra I midterm exam may also take the test out for that course as well. To attend DCMST, students must have Algebra I credit.

If they pass the test, they will be granted .5 credit for each test they pass up to 1 credit. To graduate from high school, Dearborn students must earn 23 credits total. Two of those credits need to be World Language.

If you would like for your child to participate in the test out, please fill in this short form so I can enroll them. The test will be given on Wednesday, June 16 at ASC. The deadline to register is May 3

Here is the link to the form to register

Brian Kemian


STEM Middle School