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Tuesday’s Assignment


Tuesday is your first assignment, a Zoom call in your Advisory class (A-square) at 9AM. Please login to Schoology, then choose your Advisory course to get the Zoom link. You must wait for the teacher to enter the Zoom call, so be patient.

Wednesday is Pick-Up Day!!!! Parents, sometime between 8-11, please park your car in the STEM parking lot and have the masked STUDENT visit the green doors outside our classrooms. They will need to visit Ms. Bissonette’s table for ATTENDANCE and math books. Ms. Fryzel will have t-shirts for incoming 6th graders. There will be STEM Apps materials, instrument pick-up, and blank copies of the schedule for you to fill out. This should not take very long.

Please carpool if necessary, ATTENDANCE is being taken. We look forward to seeing you Wednesday!

Questions? Email

Monday’s Assignment


Good morning!  Welcome back to school!  Today’s assignment is to take a survey about your technology preparedness so that we know who is up and running and who may need help with some troubleshooting.  The survey needs to be completed by 12:00 PM today, if it is not completed, you will be marked absent for Monday.

In order to complete the survey, first do the following two things:

1.  Login to Student Connect (student ID and birthday) and find your schedule.  Look it over to see that you have a complete schedule.  An A-square, ELA class, math class, science class, social studies class, STEM apps class, a PE class, and art OR band OR orchestra.  REMEMBER, courses will be listed 4 times.

2.  Go to the Dearborn Public Schools website and enter the student portal.  You should see a SCHOOLOGY link.  Login in to it with your student ID and birthday.

When you have done the above two things, even if you could not get in, take the survey.  If you could not do one or two of the above, there will be a place on the survey to let us know. Your A-Square teacher will call or email students who had issues sometime this afternoon.

Next Week


Welcome back STEM students! Please know that student and parent connect will be available MONDAY. Click on the links to view the documents.

We have missed those of you who are returning for 7th and 8th grade and we can’t wait to meet our new 6th graders. Your STEM teachers have been working hard to make this bizarre start to school as stress free as possible.  This post has A LOT of information so please be sure to read everything and know that we understand that there will still be questions and we will tackle each of those as they come up. 

First, this weeks schedule

Second, my schedule in student connect/parent connect looks weird:

Sample View of Schedule

Third, what does the STEM schedule look like on a daily basis?

Please know that student and parent connect will be available MONDAY.

Schoology Logo



Students and Parents will be using Schoology as the place to start. Students can log in being Monday morning. (Parent accounts will be coming soon). Students should log in using their Google Accounts. Students who have borrowed a Chromebook from the district should have two tabs load upon sign-in: the district student portal web page and their Schoology page.

Within Schoology, students should find the links and instructions that they need. Links to Zoom meetings will be added by teachers.

Thank you!


We want to thank all of our students and parents for their patience.  The STEM teachers are working through the weekend to ensure the start of the school year starts as smoothly as possible.

We are going to make next week a VERY easy and gradual re-entrance into school; a “soft opening”.  We are finalizing our schedule for next week today, based on the readiness of the technology that the district is putting into place.

We will be posting our plan for next week tomorrow (Sunday).  We want to make sure that this is as smooth and stress free as we can; where we check to see that everyone is set for the technology we need before we dive into specific classes and work.

Have a great weekend!

Welcome Back Letter



We are more than excited to have you back for another adventure and unpredictable journey through our 2020 – 2021 school year.  The Dearborn Heights teachers and administrators are working hard to get ready for this unprecedented school year.

We understand that unknowns create a great deal of anxiety and stress for our students and families, but we want to assure you that we are here to guide you through any difficult process or bumps in the road. We ask that you remain patient and work with us as we all navigate through the first week of school. Our plan is to introduce you to our new platform of learning and communication through Schoology. This is also new to us and we have been working diligently to learn all that we can before the first day of school. 

Our commitment is to review and teach expectations, to establish norms, to explain schedules for virtual learning, and to introduce our new learning platform (Schoology) in the first week or two of school.  We are absolutely committed to making this year a positive journey; regardless if we are face-to-face or online. We appreciate every student and recognize every parent’s vote of confidence in having us care for their child. We do not take this responsibility lightly. Our hope is that you will communicate with your teachers as we roll into the school year. We anticipate some difficulties and/or challenges and know that we will be available within the structure of the school day to address any concerns you may have. 

Welcome back and we can not wait to see you all!

Dr. Winifred Green – Principal     Mr. Oussama Baydoun – Assistant Principal



The first day of school is getting closer and closer! 

We know that you are getting excited, anxious, worried, and a lot of other things.  Don’t worry, we are right there with you.  We are going to have a great school year; it is just going to require patience and flexibility.

1. Your schedule SHOULD be available to see in Student Connect some time on Friday…

2. The final class schedule of meet times and classes we hope to post Friday evening.

3.  What will Monday look like and how will you log in to get into class?  We will also post that Friday evening.

We really appreciate your understanding and patience as we learn to navigate this new normal.

Summer IXL 2020

June 227 5.U.11Graphs(95)
5.U.12 Equations (95)
7.E.1 Sensory Details(100)
7.A.1 Main Idea(95)
87.J.16 Rate of Change (95)
7.V.5 SLOPE  Video (95)
8.D.1 Compare and Contrast(100)
8.D.2 Cause and Effect(95)
June 2977.R.1 Expressions (95)
7.R.2 Expressions (95)
7.B.1 Quotations and Themes(95)
7.B.2 Short Story Themes(95)
88.Z.2 Solutions  Video (95)
8.O Triangle Sum Theorem (95)
8.D.3 Problem/Solution(100)
8.D.4 Identify Text Structure(95)
July 677.C.1 Integer Addition (95)
7.C.* Number Lines (95)
7.R.1 Synonyms(100)
7.R.2 Antonyms(100)
88.Y.4 Slope Intercept Form (95)
8.Y.7 SLope Intercept Form  (95)
8.G.1 Informational Passages(95)
8.H.1 Compare Two Texts(95)
July 1377.T.1 Inequalities (95)
7.T.2 Inequalities (95)
7.D.1 Compare/Contrast(95)
7.D.2 Cause/Effect(100)
88.X.7 Two Step Inequalities (95)
8.Z.16 Linear or Non-Linear (95)
8.F.1 Analyze Short Stories(95)
8.F.2 Vocabulary-Short Stories(100)
July 2077.T.3 Inequalities (95)
7.R.3 Expressions (95)
7.D.3 Problems/Solutions(100)
7.D.4 Identify Text Structures(95)
88.Y.5 Slope (95)
8.Y.6 Graph a Line in SIF (95)
8.O.2 Redundant Words(100)
8.O.3 Frequently Confused Words(100)
July 2777.P.4 Distance (95)
7.R.8 Terms & Coefficients (95)
7.J.1 Order Topics(95)
7.J.2 Organize Information(100)
8A.J.4 Two Step Equations (95)
A.J.5 Advanced Equations (95)
8.O.6 Correct Errors(100)
8.O.7 Suggest Revisions(95)
Aug 377.R.14 Combine Like Terms (95)
7.R.15 Combine Like Terms (95)
7.K.1 Thesis Statements(95)
7.K.2 Facts v. Opinions(100)
88.F.15 Square Roots (95)
8.F Estimate Positive Roots (95)
8.K.1 Thesis Statements(95)
8.K.4 Identifying Supporting Details(100)
Aug 1077.G.12 Divide Fractions (95)
7.M.3 Unit Price (95)
7.Q.1 Greek and Latin Roots 1(95)
7.Q.2 Greek and Latin Roots 2(95)
88.Q Similar Triangles (95)
8.Q Side Length & Angles (95)
8.R.1 Greek and Latin Roots 1(95)
8.R.2 Greek and Latin Roots 2(95)
In case you missed any:)

Welcome Back!


Hello STEM Students and Families!
The first day of school is quickly approaching and we know that there are so many questions that you have about the start of the year.  We want you to know that there are still many things that are in the process of being decided and we will get you the most up-to-date information as soon as possible. All information will come to you through the STEM blog, emails, and/or robocalls.  Here are some things we can communicate to you as of today:
1.  Student schedules:  You will be able to see your student schedule through Student and Parent Connect.  The schedules will not be available to see until the end of next week (August 27th/28th).  You will NOT get or be sent a paper copy of your schedule.

2.  Classes will start at 8:15 AM and end at 3:10 PM.  You will need to be in class on time and stay the entire time for lessons.  Attendance will be taken.  This is not like it was in the spring.  For example, your first class will start at 8:15 and end at 9:10 just like if we were in the classroom. There will be a live lesson and work to complete.  More details to come.

3.  The full schedule with all class times will be shared at a later time as it is not finalized yet.

4.  We will have a materials pick up day for your math workbook, instruments, and anything else we need to pass out.  Dates and times are still being determined.  Please watch the blog and your emails.

5.  Parents, if you need your Parent Connect login information, please email Ms. Beth at:  Be sure to include your student’s first and last name and your first and last name.

6. Since we will be learning from home, it is VERY important that you set up a learning area for yourself. 

Ms. Fryzel’s Desk

This area should be somewhere in your house that is free of distractions, where you have a desk or table (your bed is NOT a good learning area), and all your school supplies are readily available.  Here is what you need at your desk:

– 1 composition notebook for each class (total of 6)

– pencils and sharpener

– pens

– highlighters

– markers and/or colored pencils

– glue

– scissors

– ruler

– lined paper

– plain white computer paper (even if you do not have a printer you need this)

– earbuds

– computer mouse (optional)

The start of the school is always a hectic time of year and this year is going to be even more stressful and hectic.  We ask that you stay patient with us as we all navigate this new normal.  We will get this to all come together and we will have a great STEM year!  If you have any questions, please reach out!

Chromebook Distribution


Chromebooks will be available for STEM students on Tuesday from 9 am – 11 am outside of door #20.

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