STEM Middle School

Month: July 2020

Summer Learning 7/27/20

July 2777.P.4 Distance (95)7.R.8 Terms & Coefficients (95)7.J.1 Order Topics(95)7.J.2 Organize Information(100)8A.J.4 Two Step Equations (95)A.J.5 Advanced Equations (95)8.O.6 Correct Errors(100)8.O.7 Suggest Revisions(95)

Summer Learning 7/20/20

July 2077.T.3 Inequalities (95)7.R.3 Expressions (95)7.D.3 Problems/Solutions(100)7.D.4 Identify Text Structures(95)88.Y.5 Slope (95)8.Y.6 Graph a Line in SIF (95)8.O.2 Redundant Words(100)8.O.3 Frequently Confused Words(100)

Summer Learning 7/13/20

July 1377.T.1 Inequalities (95)7.T.2 Inequalities (95)7.D.1 Compare/Contrast(95)7.D.2 Cause/Effect(100)88.X.7 Two Step Inequalities (95)8.Z.16 Linear or Non-Linear (95)8.F.1 Analyze Short Stories(95)8.F.2 Vocabulary-Short Stories(100)

PTA Reflections Contest

PTA Reflections Contest

STEM PTA would like to congratulate all of the district level winners for the Art Reflections program for the 2019-2020 school year. Congratulations to our young STEM artists . Medina Faraj : 1st place in the middle division -Literature Maram El-Saghir: 1st place...

Summer Learning 7/6/20

July 677.C.1 Integer Addition (95)7.C.* Number Lines (95)7.R.1 Synonyms(100)7.R.2 Antonyms(100)88.Y.4 Slope Intercept Form (95)8.Y.7 SLope Intercept FormĀ  (95)8.G.1 Informational Passages(95)8.H.1 Compare Two Texts(95)

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