Hey 8th graders!!!
It was great seeing all of you yesterday and we can’t express how much we miss you and wish we could send you off in a better way.  The PTA was so awesome in making lawn signs for you and they are in the process of being delivered to your lawns as we speak!  If you haven’t gotten yours yet, don’t worry, it is on the way.  This is a long distance hug from all of your STEM family.  Thank you PTA!

We have not forgotten about the promotion ceremony.  We are in the process of creating a video just like what the ceremony would have been (just from our air conditioned homes and not the HOT gym…LOL).  We will post the video NEXT Wednesday, June 10th by 12:00 (when it would have originally taken place).  Kudos to the teachers and ESPECIALLY Ms. Hartrick for her mad tech skills in splicing them all together 🙂

We know, we know.  What about your certificates?  If you have any certificates, we will share a Google Folder with you, on that day, that has all of your certificates inside.  If you are a student of the year (one that received As all three years), Ms. Fryzel will mail your medal home to you.
Once again…we miss you and we love you!

Thank you to our awesome PTA for partnering with us to bring these special moments to our STEM families.