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Henry Ford Early College Applications- 8th grade


Hello 8th graders, 

The link to complete the HFEC is below.  Before you click and begin completing your application take note of the following things:

1.  You must be logged in to YOUR school email account, NOT a friends or moms etc.

2.  When you click the link, the first page is just information, read it then click the NEXT 

3.  After you hit NEXT, you will begin the application process, make sure your parents are with you when you complete the application.  

4.  Recommendation letters from your counselor, science, and math teachers will be completed by them, not the student.



Brian Kemian
STEM Middle School, Dearborn Magnet High School 

Girls’ Engineering Exploration (GEE) Day- 6th grade


The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Detroit Section is pleased to announce it’s twelfth annual Girls’ Engineering Exploration (GEE) Day on Saturday, March 21, 2020. This year’s event will be held at the Michigan Science Center from 9AM – 4PM. The free seminar, with lunch provided, is a part of SWE’s continuous effort to educate young women about the endless career opportunities that the engineering field has to offer.

In order to make this seminar a success we are asking 4th, 5th, and 6th grade teachers throughout Dearborn Public Schools to pass along the information and document included in this email to girls that they believe display interest and enthusiasm in the STEAM subjects. We are striving to reach out and inspire girls that work hard and have the potential to become future engineers. Included in this email is a flyer (GEE Student Flyer 2020) that discusses the activities to be held at the event for the girls. The program is limited to 125 girls, so please encourage students and parents to respond as soon as possible. 

Teachers and parents are also invited to attend an informational and interactive session at the same time as the student events. They will be provided with resources and opportunities to further engage their child/student in engineering activities. If teachers and/or parents are interested in attending they can register in the same link provided on the flyer. Lunch is provided and seating is limited.

Registration instructions are included on the flyer. The last date to register for the students, teachers, and parents is Monday, March 2, 2020, but seating is limited so please sign up as soon as possible.

Please pass out the GEE Student Flyer 2020 document to the students you suggest. 

For any questions, please contact us as


SWE Detroit GEE Committee

DCMST Applications


On behalf of the DCMST staff, we are sharing the following information: 

  • Applications for current Dearborn Public School students and out-of-district students are available on our website/blog (March 13, 2020 deadline)
  • Applications are open to all students who will successfully complete Algebra 1 by June 2020
  • Students will be selected based on standardized test scores (MStep, NWEA, Algebra 1 Sem 1 CA) and GPA

For clarification:The link is located on the banner–click on Potential DCMST Candidates.  Here is the link:

Pizza Sale Tomorrow!


Report Cards


Report cards will be sent home with students on MONDAY. They will be handed out during last hour.

Grades are also available in Student & Parent Connect if you would like to see them electronically.

Admissions for 2020-21


There is no enrollment process for our new 6th grade class.  Instead, we will be sending out invitations to the top 120 5th grade students in the district and asking them to apply. If your student is living in district, but not a DPS student, there will be an application posted on our blog ( mid-February .

We have set a minimum NWEA reading score of 222 and a minimum NWEA math score of 231 as our baseline (winter 2020 5th grade scores).  In addition, students will need to have earned a 3 or a 4 on their 4th grade math and reading M-STEP tests.  However, having these minimum scores does not mean that a student will receive an invitation.  The top 120 students may very well achieve beyond these minimum scores.  Invitations to apply will be mailed home some time in March.

For a non-DPS student that applies, his/her application will be ranked with the 120 invitations that we send home to DPS students.  If s/he ranks in the top 120, s/he will be emailed an invitation letter and be asked to email his/her interest in attending in the Fall.  If s/he does not rank in the top 120, s/he will not receive a final invitation.  Again, meeting the minimum scores does not guarantee acceptance.

Once the 120 students have responded to their invitations, if we have more than 60 students “accept”, there will be a lottery.

Jennifer Fryzel
6th and 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
STEM Lead Teacher  2018 National Blue Ribbon School
Dearborn Heights Campus

Half Day Reminder


Tuesday & Wednesday are half days.

Dismissal is at 10:30.

We will be running 1, 2 and 3rd hours.

Reporting Absences


Reminder: Parents or guardians need to call the STEM office to report an absence at 313-827-1904 before the school day begins.  The sooner the better so a robo call won’t go out. 

If Beth, the secretary is away from her desk, please leave a message and she will mark the absence for the student.  

Next Week’s Schedule


In case you did not check the district calendar, today is a half day.

Monday is NO SCHOOL.

Tuesday and Wednesday are half days with dismissal at 10:30am.

MLK Day is Monday, then semester break every year has a half days at the end of the semester for middle & high school. 

Half Day Ends 10:30am!

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