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Month: October 2019

PTA Reflections Contest

PTA Reflections Contest

STEM PTA is proud to represent the incredible talents of our students through the Reflections art program. It is a National PTA contest in which students can submit one entry of each category (dance, music composition, film, photography, literary...

Parent Teacher Conferences

Due to Mr. Tapp working at two different locations, the only day that he will be at STEM conferences is Wednesday, November 13th. If you need to see him, please come Wednesday.

Full Day Friday

Friday is a FULL day of school for middle school and high school.  The half day is for elementary ONLY.

PTA Membership Drive

PTA Membership Drive

October 31 will mark the end of our PTA Membership Challenge for the 2019-2020 school year.  If you have not joined the PTA, please consider it    PTA meetings are a great source of information and a chance to meet and discuss issues with other STEM...

Parent- Teacher Conferences

Fall conferences will NOT be student-led this semester, but rather traditional style in each teacher's classroom. They will be student-lead in the Spring. They will be drop-in style for the first two hours of each day. Teachers will be calling to schedule specific...

Halloween Costumes

On Thursday, students will be allowed to wear costumes that are appropriate for school. We will still be learning this day and will NOT be having party. These are our restrictions: No masks or weapons! Be SAFE! Face paint must be put on at home, not in the school...

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