STEM Middle School

Month: July 2019

IXL Assignment July 29

7M7.R.8 TERMS & COEFFICIENTSSTOP AT 957.R.15 COMBINE LIKE TERMSSTOP AT 957ELA7.J.1 Order TopicsSTOP AT 957.J.2 Organize InformationSTOP AT 1008MA.J.5 EQUATIONSSTOP AT 95A.J.6 EQUATIONSSTOP AT 958ELA8.O.6 Correct ErrorsSTOP AT 1008.O.7 Suggest RevisionsSTOP AT 95

IXL Assignment July 22

7M6.CC.9 TRIANGLES  VideoSTOP AT 957.R.2 WRITE EXPRESSIONSSTOP AT 957ELA7.D.3 Problems/SolutionsSTOP AT 1007.D.4 Identify Text StructuresSTOP AT 958M8.Y.11 SLOPE INTERCEPT FORMSTOP AT 958.X.6 TWO STEP INEQUALITIESSTOP AT 958ELA8.O.2 Redundant WordsSTOP AT...

IXL Assignment July 15

All students should be reading fiction of their choice over the summer! 7M7.U.2 VARIABLESSTOP AT 957.T.2 INEQUALITIES  VideoSTOP AT 957.T.3 INEQUALITIESSTOP AT 957ELA7.D.1 Compare/ContrastSTOP AT 957.D.2 Cause/EffectSTOP AT 1008M8.Y.5 GRAPHING LINES VideoSTOP AT...

IXL Assignment July 8

All students, including incoming 6th graders, should be READING! JULY 8 7M 7.R.3 EXPRESSIONS STOP AT 95 7.P.4 DISTANCE STOP AT 90 7ELA 7.C.1 Author's Purpose STOP AT 95 7.C.2 Formal Sentences STOP AT 95 8M 8.Z.6 CONSTANT RATE OF CHANGE STOP AT 95 8.Z.8 TABLES STOP AT...

IXL Assignment July 1

Incoming 6th graders should be READING!   7M 6.BB.8 EQUATIONS & GRAPHS STOP AT 95 6.BB.10 GRAPHS STOP AT 95 7ELA 7.B.1 Quotations and Themes STOP AT 95 7.B.2 Short Story Themes STOP AT 95 8M 8.Z.2 SOLUTIONS  Video STOP AT 95 8.Z.3 VARIABLES STOP AT 95 8ELA...

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