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8th Grade Farewell Speech

It is that time already.  Time for us to say goodbye to our 8th graders as they head off to high school.
We are looking for an 8th grader to deliver the farwell reflective speech at the promotion ceremony.
8th Grade students interested need to submit their speech to Ms. Fryzel no later than
MONDAY, JUNE 10th at 8:00 AM.

7th & 8th Graders- Test Out Information


Students who would like to test out of high school courses will need to see Mr. Kemian no later than June 10.

You will need to have photo ID such as a school ID, State ID or passport.

There are a limited number of spots available.

There is no cost to test out and if they do not get a passing score, it is not recorded on their school records.

If you want to test out of a world language class, they must be able to speak, read and write full sentences in that language. 

8th graders who are not happy with their math final are able to “retake” the test during the test out session. However, it will not change their class grade on the report card.


Questions? Email Mr Kemian at

Gym Lockers


It’s that time of year to start packing up all your PE clothes and gym lock.  Today and Tomorrow (Friday) will be the last days that you will need PE clothes for GYM class.

Please write down your lock combination so that it can be used again next year.

All left over clothes/locks will be cut and donated so please remember to pack everything up before you leave for the weekend/holiday.

Mr. Theisen

Bryant Football Team Informational Meeting



Who:  All 7th and 8th grade students (2019-2020 school year) interested in playing on the Bryant Middle School Football Team

When:  Friday, June 7th, 2:30pm

Where:  Bryant Middle School

BMX Assembly Photos


Today was the STEM/Howe School BMX assembly.  Everyone had a great time!

Summer Camp Opportunity


If you are interested in a U of M Math Corps summer day camp in the Ann Arbor area, please check out this link. You can apply online.

Chicago Trip Meeting


Students who are going on the Chicago trip must attend the MANDATORY meeting tomorrow – WEDNESDAY- at 6:00 PM in the STEM cafeteria.  Students must be accompanied by an adult during the meeting.

Last Math Circle is Today!


Today is the last math circle for the school year. We will continue again next Fall.

Spirit Week 5/28-5/31


Next week is Spirit Week!


Tuesday: Twin Day

Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday

Thursday: Hawaiian Beach Day

Friday: School Spirit Day


Dress Code Reminder

As the school year winds down and the weather gets warmer (hopefully), we would like to remind students and parents of the School Dress Code:
1.  No spaghetti straps or thin strapped tank tops.
2.  No short shorts or skirts – put you hands down to your side, if the shorts or skirt are shorter than the tips of your fingers, it is too short.
3.  No midriffs (short shirts) where stomach or anything else is showing.
4.  T-shirts need be worn under jerseys.
5.  If anything is questionable we will address at point of incident.
Thank you for helping make the end of our school year great!
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