Wednesday, October 31st is a full day of instruction. No parties will take place this day.

Please do NOT bring any treats to pass out, you will be asked to put them away.

Students will be allowed to wear appropriate Halloween costumes on Wed. Oct. 31 if they so choose.

All costumes must be put on at home and worn to school and makeup must be applied at home.

Students will NOT be allowed to use the restrooms to put on/fix costumes during the day.

Here are the rules/restrictions:

  1. No masks that cover the face
  2. No clown costumes will be allowed
  3. No fake blood or flesh wounds
  4. Face makeup is permitted if it is NOT gory and is applied at home.
  5. No weapons (plastic or otherwise)

If you are not sure if your costume is appropriate, you should email a picture of it to a teacher and get their opinion.

It would be wise to bring a change of clothing if you are worried your costume is inappropriate and might be asked to change.

Any questions? Ask a teacher:)