We are looking for a few more runners!  The Cipriano Run is coming up on Monday Oct 15th and we are a few runners short of our goal.  STEM would like to have at least 5 runners for each gender and grade level so please sign up and help out STEM!
6th and 8th grade boys already have 5 runners and are all set to run but if you want to join still please do so.
7th grade boys only have 1 runner so we need at least 4 more students to come help out.
6th grade girls have 3 runners so we would like at least 2 more girls to sign up.
7th grade girls have 4 runners so they only need 1 more girl to sign up.
Right now there are NO 8th grade girls signed up 🙁
8th grade girls have brought home the Trophy in years past and it would be sad to not see some of our best students not represented.  Please bring in the form ASAP if you think you would like to help out!
Mr. Theisen