Intramurals will be after school primarily on Tuesday’s from 2:20pm until 3pm.  Students must have someone there to pick them up at 3pm.  If a ride is late past 3:10pm more than 3 times they will be asked to discontinue coming to intramurals.

The first unit for Intramurals is running.  To start training for the Cipriano run students will jog and improve their cardiovascular endurance.  Any student who wishes to improve their fitness is welcome to attend regardless of whether or not they will participate in the event.  I hope to see a bunch of students for our first run on Tuesday 9/18 at 2:20pm to kickoff off this program.  All students must have a signed permission slip.  They can get one from me in class or using the link below to attend.  This slip is good for the whole year and will encompass all the after school activities that we do for intramurals.

Please email me with any questions:

Mr. Theisen

Permission Slip