Our goal at STEM is to provide meaningful opportunities for learning to occur that meet the needs of each and every student. As educators, we are aware that each student works at their own pace and has different needs outside of school as a result of family situations and extracurricular activities.


At STEM we are always trying to raise the bar and prepare our students for high school as well as real life.  With that in mind we created a homework policy that well help our students better be prepared for their future careers.


The STEM late work policy for the year is as follows:

Classwork and/or homework is expected to be turned in by the due date on a consistent basis.

If this is not possible, late work will be accepted, but only up until the Monday following the assignment deadline. That means that if an assignment is due during the week, students have all week through the weekend to complete their missing work, if necessary.


Teachers will not accept late assignments for points after Mondays at 2:15pm.