The STEM team will be conducting student-led conferences rather than the traditional parent-teacher conferences.


The focus of the student-led conference is to allow your child to demonstrate his/her scholastic accomplishments.  As a parent/guardian, you can provide encouragement and help your child set goals for the remainder of the year.  You will also have the opportunity to display a positive interest in your student’s learning and to accept his/her self-evaluation of accomplishments.


Some of our goals for this conference format are:

  • To help parents understand what is taking place in the classroom
  • To communicate about student learning
  • To accept ownership for learning and behavior
  • To enhance organizational and leadership skills
  • To build self-esteem through the development of self-confidence.


The conferences are planned to last approximately twenty minutes and multiple conferences may be scheduled at the same time. We will be present for clarification or facilitation as necessary.  However, your student will be in charge of conducting the conference with you and it is important to honor the student’s commitment to that role.  Should you wish to confer with an individual teacher, we will schedule a follow-up conference.


To schedule your conference day and time, please visit the link:

and sign up for your time slot and room. There are two tabs at the bottom, one for Monday and one for Tuesday.


We look forward to meeting with you.