STEM Middle School

Month: November 2017

Academic Games Tournament Attendees

The following students will be traveling to Stout on a school bus for the practice tournament and will return to STEM between 4:40 and 5:00pm. The busses are not usually reliable, so we will call parents from the bus on our way back with our cell phones. If your child...

PTA Reflections Contest

This year, our PTA is participating in the National Art Reflections Contest and we are looking to have more winners this year! All submissions must be given to Ms. Fryzel before Thursday, December 7 by 3:00pm. If you are interested in participating, please read the...

Future City Competition Applcation

If you would like to apply for the Future City competition, applications are due Thursday, November 30th by 4:00 pm. Use this link: See Ms. Gleason for infomation.

Last Math Circle is Tuesday

The final U of M Dearborn Math Circle is tomorrow until 4:30. They will start up again in the Spring. Students will reapply and new students may join as well.

Pizza Sale is Tomorrow!

Ms. Makki, from the PTA, would like to thank those who pre-ordered! If anyone would still like to participate, they could do so by bringing money to lunch tomorrow. She is ordering extra, so there's a still a chance to participate:)

NUMATS Fee Waiver (Early PSAT Testing)

If you are interested in taking the PSAT outside of Dearborn Schools, Mr. Kemian has some great news! NUMATS offers need-based financial aid for students who qualify for other federally subsidized programs, and registrants request financial aid in the registration...

Robots Are Cool, Come See Ours!

STEM Robotics Event Flyer Link to location For more information about FIRST Robotics in Michigan See this year's challenge Watch the video to see how the game is played!

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