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Color Run Rescheduled


The color run reschedule date is Thursday, October 12. Pick-up will be in the usual spot around 3:45 pm.

Progress Reports


Beginning this year, middle school will now be divided into 4 marking periods rather than the 6 we had before. Progress reports will be mailed home half way through each marking period.

Any student earning a grade of C or lower in one or more classes will receive a generic district progress report. These will be mailed home tomorrow, so should arrive Wednesday or Thursday. Since these reports are very general, the STEM teachers will be providing a more detailed missing assignment list directly to those students getting progress reports mailed home. Students will receive these lists from teachers on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Cipriano Memorial Run


Mr. Theisen is in need of long distance runners to represent STEM in the annual Cipriano Memorial Run.

We currently have the following participants:

3 eighth grade girls
4 seventh grade girls
5 sixth grade girls
2 eighth grade boys
4 seventh grade boys
2 sixth grade boys
We must have 5 in each gender to be considered a team and compete for a trophy.
With a couple more people we could bring home another trophy to STEM!
Be a part of the STEM team and sign up with Mr. Theisen today!
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