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Schedule Pick Up


If you were unable to come to our picnic, the teachers will be outside before school on Tuesday at 7:45 to give them to you. Please do not attempt to get your schedule from the office before that because they are not in the office. The teachers have them and will not be available to give them to you until Tuesday morning OUTSIDE the front door around 7:40-7:45.

Welcome Back Spirit Week


Tuesday is Elementary Pride day. Wear a shirt representing the elementary school you attended, unless you already went back-to-school shopping for new clothes ūüėé

Wednesday is STEM Pride day. Wear your STEM tee shirt or STEM band shirt to represent how awesome STEM is!

IXL update


Since IXL has done some updates over the summer, you may have noticed that some names of topics and the numbers have changed. As long as you use the links on the blog, you will be completing the correct IXL. Here is an updated list of links. You do not need to redo anything!

NOTICE: School Safety Zone Enforcement


Download the Signed School Zone Safety letter  to see fines and other traffic violations police will be enforcing.

Ensuring the safety of all students is a paramount objective of both the Dearborn Public Schools and the Dearborn Police Department. An area of common complaints and concern is traffic related issues in school zones during student drop off and pick up. Motorists often create unsafe conditions for students by blocking roadways, speeding, and improper parking. As in previous years, the Dearborn Police Department will be conducting directed traffic enforcement in the school zones.  Please be careful and obey all traffic laws.  This includes double parking, blocking driveways, failure to completely stop at a stop sign, failure to yield to a bus or pedestrians, disobey a school crossing guard, and other traffic infractions.

Please keep in mind:

  • The bus stop is for buses only
  • Walk children to school when possible
  • Drop off/pick up children a short distance away from school when possible. ¬†This alleviates traffic congestion around our schools
  • Once your child is out of the car and safely on the sidewalk vacate the area to make room for other parents to drop off their children.
  • Be mindful of school staff and crossing guards. ¬†They are there for your child’s safety.
  • Be a “Good Neighbor” by being mindful of residents who live near school zones.

Download the Signed School Zone Safety letter  to see fines and other traffic violations police will be enforcing.

Band Camp has been Cancelled


The Band Camp scheduled for Monday, August 28th has been cancelled due to lack of enrollment. All students will be assigned instruments when school starts.

If you have any questions reach out to Mrs. Hartrick at

IXL Assignment 8/21/17


Here is the last IXL assignment for the summer, ENJOY!


8M 7.X.2 Transformations 8.T.13 Spheres
8ELA 8.K.2 using-synonyms-in-context 8.K.3-using-antonyms-in-context
7M 7.F.5 Least Common Denominators 7.R.3 Evaluate Expressions
7ELA 7.M.3 Correct-errors-with-signs 7.M.4 Correct-errors-in-everyday-use
6M 5.EE.13 Volume 5.BB.9 Quadrilaterals
6ELA 6.I.5 commas-review 6.A.8Is-it-a-complete-sentence-a-fragment-or-a-run-on


STEM Band Camp

Announcing Band Camp for NEW students!
Any student who is¬†NEW¬†to band this year needs to sign up for Band Camp on Monday, August 28th. Camp will take place in room 170D (music room) from 10am – 2pm. Lunch will be provided (pizza). Bring a bag lunch if you don’t want pizza. Students will try-out and be assigned an instrument for the upcoming school year. Please fill out this survey to RSVP:
Orchestra students and those returning to band do not need to sign up. If you are a returning student who wants to change instruments email Mrs. Hartrick for permission and plan to attend the camp if approved.
Any questions email Mrs. Hartrick:
Thank you!

IXL Assignment 8/14/17



8M 7.X.6 Reflections 7.X.4 Translations
8ELA 8.D.11 Identify-active-and-passive-voice 8.D.12 Rewrite-the-sentence-in-active-voice
7M 7.W.2 Angles 7.F.4 Fractions Applications
7ELA 7.J.6.Which-sentence-matches-the-definition 7.J.7.Which-definition-matches-the-sentence
6M 5.Q.1 Ratios 5.EE.12 Volume of Irregular Objects
6ELA 6.N.1 Find-words-using-context 6.N.4Use-context-to-identify-the-meaning

IXL Assignment 8/7/17



8M 7.W.13 Angle Measures 7.K.1 Tables
8ELA 8.X.1 Use-parallel-structure 8.LL.2 Frequently-confused-words
7M 6.L.2 Reciprocals 6.X.4 Coordinate Plane
7ELA 7.KK.1 Analogies 7.KK.2 Analogies-challenge
6M 5.W.12 Line Plots 5.EE.10 Area & Perimeter
6ELA 6.AAA.1using-synonyms-in-context 6.AAA.2 using-antonyms-in-context

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