June 27

Check out the new IXL Page

If you look to the left side of the screen you will see all of of the blog’s pages. Notice that there is a new page, “IXL Summer Assignments”.  All of your summer assignments will be listed there as well.

Remember, they are not “due” until September!

June 27

IXL June 27

Assignment for the Week of June 27th:

Incoming 6th Graders:  You need to get 80-85%  proficiency for all assignments
Integers 6.M.1 understanding-integers

Incoming 7th graders:  You need to get 80-85%  proficiency for all assignments

Commas 7.A.2     A.2Commas with compound and complex sentences

Commas 7.A.4     A.4Commas with coordinate adjectives
Evaluate Expressions 7.V.3     find-a-value-using-two-variable-equations

Incoming 8th graders:  You need to get 80-85%  proficiency for all assignments

Commas 8.A.2     reportA.2Commas with compound and complex sentences

Classify Numbers 8.A.8   classify-numbers
Add & Subtract Integers 8.C.4    add-and-subtract-three-or-more-integers
June 14

Public Safety Announcement

As you know, the Superintendent and Police Chief have worked together on several projects that have benefited our District.  One such program that the Superintendent has supported is the Lock It Or Lose program.  About a week ago, we were invited by the Chief to take part in a Press Conference promoting the program and sharing how we as a district would help the Dearborn Police spread the word.
                                                                               lock lose side 1
Again, thank you for your help in sharing this important information. Working together with our community partners and the Dearborn Police we can ensure that our schools, neighborhoods, and community remain a safe place for all!
                                                                                           lock lose side 2
June 13

Yearbooks are Here!

Yearbooks were passed out today during A-Square!

If you now have yearbook envy and would like to purchase one, Ms. Fryzel has a few for sale!
The cost of the yearbook is $16.00 CASH.
Please see Ms. Fryzel before or after school with EXACT change.
Supplies are limited, so act fast!
June 10

Summer Learning Experience

STEM students will be given computer work to do over the summer in an effort to retain skills taught this year.

You will need to check the STEM blog on Mondays to see your assignment for the week.

You can do them when you return from your vacations, they are not due weekly and will not be marked down for being “late”.

It will be due in September and go on the first marking period.

Here is the letter that was sent home to incoming students:

IXL Letter