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Science Fair Resources


Here is the Rubric for the science project.

Here is a list of steps and resources to assist students checklist .

If you would like assistance with your data display, please bring data from your experiment to math class the week of April 4th.  If you choose not to bring data, you are choosing to do the data representation by yourself. You can download and print graph paper from the internet or create tables in google docs or google sheets.


Science Fair Checkpoint Dates


To ensure students are on track with their experiment, we have put together a list of dates when things should be completed by. We will be working on the project in class as well.

Purchase/collect your materials & complete your experiment over break.

The week of April 4th we will be working on displaying data in charts and graphs. Bring your data to math class!

The week of April 11th we will be working on writing our conclusions. Bring your data to Language Arts class.

The week of April 18th we will be working on putting the boards together. Bring your data & conclusion to Social Studies class.

The Science Fair will be held on Thursday, April 21 after school.

Chess Team Champions!


Congratulations to our Chess Team for finishing in first place this year!

Final Chess Standings 2016

Maize & Blue Math Circles



The Maize and Blue Math Circle is a weekly activity for motivated high school students looking for opportunities to strengthen their problems solving skills, practice mathematics, and network with other students and professors in a fun and enriching environment.

Sessions include playing games, eating pizza, working through problems, and talking about math. Each meeting is unique and is relatable to students no matter their current level of mathematical achievement. Activities are specifically designed to sharpen their critical thinking and problem solving skills, but the circle is not a standard extracurricular activity and not a tutoring session. We are committed to cultivating and nourishing students who are ready to take their training to the next level.Beginning March 22nd, we will meet on Tuesdays from 4:15pm to 6:00pm. We will be on the UM-Dearborn campus, CASL building in room 2047. There is no fee for attending. Teachers and parents are also welcome to sit in and contribute. Students are expected to register before their first meeting; registration can be completed on our website:

The circle is sponsored by the UM-Dearborn Mathematics and Statistics Department and the Ford Foundation, as well as NSA and MSRI.For more information about the circle, meetings, registration, directions, links, sponsors, etc., visit our website or reach out to us directly by sending an email

We look forward to connecting with you and your students.
Thank you for your consideration,

Yunus Zeytuncu

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
University of Michigan-DearbornMaize and Blue Math Circle

Time to Nominate Your Favorite Teacher!


Teacher of the Year Awards

Press Release – Time to Nominate your Favorite Teacher

Yearbook Sales


Yearbook sales end this week!

The online order is available at

and the ID code is 12296016

Science Fair Proposal


Here is a blank copy of the proposal in case you need to revise yours.


I will post the requirements and rubric once our topics are all selected.




Hope to see you at conferences tonight!

Conferences Update


Since Mr. Theisen & Mr. Bazzi both teach for STEM & ACE, they will only be available for conferences on one day.

Mr. Theisen will be at STEM’s Tuesday night conferences.

Mr. Bazzi will be at ACE’s Wednesday night conferences for High School.  You can email Mr. Bazzi if you need to meet with him, or drop by Wednesday from 4-7.



Pizza Kits will be delivered today and can be picked up from the STEM lunchroom at 3:00.

If you are leaving for chess, you MUST come back to pick them up.  Ms. Fryzel will be here.


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