January 28

Mackinac Parent Meeting

Our parent meeting for the Mackinac Island trip was a great success!

We signed up 21 students and 1 parent so far.  I have room for 19 students and 3 more parents, so if you are considering attending this awesome trip, please see the attached forms.

Return the two forms and a check made out to CORPORATE TRAVEL for $190.00 (student) or $230.00 (parent) by February 9th.  This is your FIRST payment.

If I fill the seats before February 9th, I will put you on the wait list.

Trip Packet 2016

Registration Form

January 25

Mackinac Island Trip Announcement

Informational meeting is Thursday, January 28 at 5 PM in Ms. Fryzel’s room.

We will be taking 40 students and 4 parents.  It is a first-come-first-served sign up.

We will be taking checks and credit card registration fees on Thursday at the meeting ($190.00 for students, $230.00 for adults).

See the Flyer for trip details!
January 20

Math Retakes Next Week

Retakes for the 7th grade quiz on Percent Applications & 6th grade quizzes on LCM & GCF will be offered on the following dates:

  1. Monday, Jan 25 at 7:00 am OR
  2. Thursday, Jan 28 at 3:00 pm

The retake requirements are as follows:

  1. No missing math assignments
  2. Original test is signed
  3. Corrections are made on loose leaf or the test itself.
January 15

Academic Games Super Tournament

The following students are attending the Super Tournament on Tuesday, Jan 19 and Wednesday, Jan 20.

We will return to STEM between 4:45 and 5:00.

Safa Hijazi
Sarina Thouraya
Zeinab Beydoun
Malak Ellayan
Laila Kassem
Kaeden Bryer
Abdu Hijazi
Ali Hamadeh
Hussein Issa
Hussein Hussein
Sydney Rosbury
Haneen Alouie
Mohamed Saleh
Katrina Elakkari
Ali Kassem
Hussein Farhat
Lia Boussi
Fatima Barakat
Glen Warren

Vicky Wan

Isabella Nordini


January 11

Mr. Theisen’s Google Classroom

Please sign up for Mr. T’s Google Classroom. You have an assignment awaiting! You will be working on it once you finish your NWEA testing all week. Make sure you choose the correct class!

6th Grade

A Day: q23fbw

6th Grade

B Day: klge14

7th Grade

A Day: 2p2v225

7th Grade

B Day: a7h7dv

January 11

NWEA Winter Testing

NWEA testing begins tomorrow!

The schedule is as following:

Tuesday, Jan 12 Math    Classes 1,2,3 meet in the afternoon.

Wednesday, Jan. 13  Reading    Classes 1,2,3 meet in the afternoon.

Thursday, Jan 14  Language Usage    Classes 4,5,6 meet in the afternoon.

Friday, Jan 15  Science    Classes 4,5,6 meet in the afternoon.

January 10

Academic Games Update

Updates for Academic Games  *Please note time changes!

The following dates are the remainder of our schedule:

  • Thursday, Jan 7 @7 am
  • Tuesday, Jan 12 3-4pm
  • Wednesday, Jan 13 1:45-4:45 Tournament 5
  • Thursday, Jan 14 @7am
  • Super Tournament Tuesday, Jan 19 & Wednesday, Jan 20  1:45-4:45pm
  • End of Season Celebration Tuesday, Jan 26 3-3:45  ALL players are welcome. We will eat some sweet snacks and receive certificates or recognition.

To participate in the Super Tournament, YOU MUST BE SELECTED. I can only bring 21 students.