Our first practice tournament will be held this upcoming Tuesday, Nov. 24 at Stout Middle School. The school bus will pick us up at 1:45. Students should have their coats on and be ready outside my classroom door at 1:40. The bus will bring us back to STEM between 4:30 and 5:00. They can not give me a more specific time frame, so I will have students call parents from the bus to let you know when we leave Stout.  I am only allowed to bring 23 students to this first meet. If your name is listed below you will be attending this event. Parents are not allowed to come to the meets, but are encouraged to come to as many practices as they wish.

If your name is not listed, DO NOT WORRY! We have 7 other tournaments. There is no practice this week since I will be at Stout on Tuesday after school.

***Please make sure you have paid your $25.00 club fee to the office.***

Kaeden Bryer 6
Sydney Rosbury 7
Vicky Wan 7
Aline Hajj Hussein 7
Hussein Hussein 7
Adam Farhat 6
Lia Boussi 7
Zeinab Beydoun 7
Katrina Elakkari 7
Abdu Hijazi 7
Hussein Issa 7
Ali Hamade 7
Mohamed Saleh 6
Mershad Bagherebadian 6
Haneen Alouie 7
Fatima Barakat 6
Ahmed Majed 7
Ali Kassem 7
Laila Kassem 6
Ali Bazzi 6
Malak Ellayan 6
Sarina Thouraya 7
Safa Hijazi 7